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Welcome to our website Alternocaracas, your live radio, store and Blog, specialized in advanced electronic music.
We are dedicated to bring you the best entertainment experience, reliability and customer service.
Alternocaracas was relaunched and improved in 2019 by Nelson Gonzalez. It has come a long way since its inception in 2011 in Caracas, Venezuela. When Nelson Gonzalez started, his passion for electronic music, led him to do intense research, to develop an online radio and website, quit his day job, and gave him the impetus to turn the work you are looking at, into the work you are looking at, . We now serve clients all over the world, reaching listeners globally of all ages and races.
At alternocaracas we are delighted to be a part of your life.
We hope you enjoy our products and services online as much as we enjoy providing them. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our team.


About Us

Ceo Fundador

Nelson Gonzalez Alternocaracas Presidente

Lic. Nelson Gonzalez

Voz Oficial

About Us

Voice Over. Alberto Badillo

Voz Comercial

About Us

Voice Over. Patricia Granados 

Aux Mixer

About Us

Musicalizacion. Pach Mendez




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